keskiviikko 29. joulukuuta 2010

sotc speedpaint

I'm not really sure how I should go about learning digital painting. I have certain artists that I look up to that work digitally, but their overall style is very different than mine and I get nervous about using them as reference. Especially with color pieces!  I like sketching with solid blacks and whites digitally though because it's so fast (finished pieces are a different story). Maybe I should start doing yoga or something to  gain more patience. Haha!

characters©team ico

bones and arms and legs

My floor is flooded with these sketches! I'm too tired to scan everything, but I'll make another post once I've made more full body sketches or something like that.

These were referenced from a book called Anatomy for the artist by Barcsay. It's a good book for figuring out the shape of things and how limbs and other body parts can move. There are downsides though, for example eventhough he is very good at drawing male anatomy his females look really bizarre. I actually had a laughing fit over the way he draws breasts (if you've seen Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" you know what I mean)! And he tends to draw all the faces looking the same too, but you can easily practice drawing them from somewhere else.

Couldn't resist drawing my sleeping fat cat!

tiistai 28. joulukuuta 2010


This doesn't really have anything to do with my drawing studies, but I thought it was pretty interesting. I traded sketches with Eva and we both painted each other's lines.  The first one is my colors on her sketch, and the latter is my sketch with her colors.

Makes me want to do collabs more often! If I only wasn't so lazy. Talking about being lazy, this post is actually a filler. I'll try to overcome my hate for scanning loads of sketches and make another post tomorrow.

sunnuntai 26. joulukuuta 2010


The plan is that I'm going to post my sketches at least a few times a week and practice drawing whatever I think should be useful. The main things I want to focus on are backgrounds, anatomy, faces, perspective.

I managed to get the scanner at my Helsinki apartment to work so let's start with some skeletons. I've never drawn them before, just some lonely bones.

 The skull looks pretty derpy... :D Anyway, I'm gonna start posting more starting tomorrow. The first posts are going to be (boring and) referenced from a book called Anatomy for the artist  unless I mention something else.

lauantai 18. joulukuuta 2010

This seems like a good idea at 2 am

There's nothing much to see here yet(because my scanner is currently 900 km's away from me) but I will start posting sketches here in a short while. Why? Well.
I've always been an intuitive drawer, or so I tell myself. My fast sketches usually end up looking better than pictures I spend hours upon hours on, and I rather draw straight from my imagination than look up references. I've actually always managed to avoid using references, and this has resulted in some wacky anatomy and other serious problems(not that using references is the way to go in all situations, but it sure would help me figure out how everything works). I have finally decided to actually take time and STUDY how stuff works(believe it or not, I've been in art schools for almost 5 years and I can still honestly say this), and I think a journal that will show my progress will keep me motivated. Comments, tips, critique & etc will be most appreciated! Cya guys in a bit.