lauantai 5. helmikuuta 2011

Monograms and stuff

Okay so, typography isn't one of my stronger points. We had a monogram (a sign that has both of your initial letters) workshop over a few days at our Uni and I was actually looking forward to it. Unfortunately our teacher wasn't really able to TEACH us since she couldn't speak either Finnish or English very well. I wanted to do my monogram with some kind of traditional calligraphy, but the teacher rejected them because "they weren't me". Okay, how the heck would she know that? Anyway, she only approved the designs I thought were pretty boring while some of the other students did some fantasy dragons or something. Okay maybe I'm just bitter haha.

Anyway, here's two of the things I ended up finishing. I'm still no good at doing vectors on Illustrator either.

Lately I've been doodling more on Photoshop, I think I'm slowly getting more comfortable about using the program eventhough I still have no patience to do anything very detailed. 

Hari the flowerboy is my character.

Yonder © J. Tierney

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